A special thanks to Phil Nix and Michael Miller for kindly sharing their excellent research work on this officer.

NAME: SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei Jürgen von Kamptz

PW NO:          A209211

RANK:            SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei

CAPTURED:   Vittorio Veneto, Italy

DATE:             29 April 1945


DATE OF BIRTH:     11 August 1891

PLACE OF BIRTH:   Aurich/Ostfriesland

DATE OF DEATH:    12 August 1954


NATIONALITY:       German

RELIGION:                Evangelical until 11 April 1938, then declared himself “gottgläubig” (“believer in God”)

OCCUPATION:        Police Officer

HEIGHT:                    5’ 8”

WEIGHT:                   Unknown

HAIR COLOUR:        Dark Blonde

EYE COLOUR:          Brown

NSDAP-NUMBER:   1,258,905 (Joined 1 August 1932)

SS-NUMBER:            292,714 (Joined 12 March 1938)

NEXT OF KIN:          Veronika von Kamptz, Roisdorf bei Bonn (British Zone)


Wife: Married Veronika Ayrer on 30 September 1918 – two daughters.


Commands & Assignments:

Decorations & Awards:

Recommendation for the German Cross in Silver to General Jürgen von Kamptz prepared by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler:

SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei von Kamptz has been employed as the Commander of the Ordnungspolizei in the Italian theater of operations since August 1943 and he has performed exemplary work in building up and organizing the Ordnungspolizei there.

Under his outstanding organizing leadership the following units came into existence: the SS Police Regiment 15 (that proved itself in various anti-partisan actions), the II. Battalion/SS Police Regiment 20, several Gendarmerie commands, the SS Police Regiments “Bozen,” “Brixen” and “Schlanders” (formed exclusively from South Tyrolean’s), the SS Police Regiments “Alpenvorland” and “Defregger” and the Triester Sicherungsverband.

It should be emphasized that General von Kamptz succeeded in transforming the untrained South Tyrolean forces into combat troops that for the most part have already earned the fruits of their thorough training in battles against the partisans. Furthermore it was his merit that the Italian volunteers in the police volunteer battalions formed by him were trained in the German fashion and thus were transformed into reliable units that have been used in anti-partisan actions for over a year now and have also distinguished themselves.

In order to supply the troops that are used in the anti-partisan warfare, General von Kamptz has formed transport columns that have been entrusted with providing weapons, ammunition and clothes from the police supply camps.

General von Kamptz distinguished himself in organizing the following major anti-partisan actions:

In Northwestern Italy:

Operation “Hamburg” from 28 May-4 June 1944
Operation “Köln” from 12 June-23 June 1944
Operation “Bayreuth” from 24 June-2 July 1944

Central Italy:

Operation “Wallenstein” from 1 July-7 July 1944

Adriatic Coastal Area:

Operation “Liane I-III” from 22 May-27 May 1944
Operation “Annemarie” from 5 June-17 June 1944

The actions under the command of General von Kamptz produced the following results:

a) Enemy casualties: 1380 killed, 5300 taken prisoner
b) Own casualties: 44 killed, 110 wounded, 5 missing.

Furthermore, the enemy lost vast amounts of weapons and ammunition as well as guns, machineguns, rifles, accoutrements and clothing, food and vehicles of all kind.

General von Kamptz has earned great merits in organization and leadership. He was largely responsible for clearing the Italian theater of partisans and was also instrumental in achieving the lasting successes (according to the appendix to the Wehrmachtbericht [Armed Forces Communiqué] dated 7 February 1945, these actions resulted in several thousand enemy dead and 80,000 forced to surrender).

Thus, I [Heinrich Himmler] recommend General von Kamptz for the award of the German Cross in Silver.