This profile is based on a copy of Generalmajor Kräutler’s microfilmed service record housed at the United States National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C. Supplementary sources are listed below.

NAME: Generalmajor Mathias Ferdinand Kräutler

PW NO:          A451685
RANK:            Generalmajor
CAPTURED:   Norway
DATE:             23 August 1945

DATE OF BIRTH:     2 May 1895

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Wien, Austria

DATE OF DEATH:    8 September 1968

PLACE OF DEATH: Salzburg, Austria

NATIONALITY:       Austrian

RELIGION:               Roman Catholic

OCCUPATION:       Regular Soldier

HEIGHT:                   6’ 0”

WEIGHT:                  189 Pounds

HAIR COLOUR:       Grey

EYE COLUR:            Blue

NEXT OF KIN:        US Zone of Austria

Parents: Artilleriemeister I. Klasse Mathias and Anna (née Schlenkrich) Kräutler. Following the death of her husband in 1898, Anna Kräutler married Rudolf Weber, an artillery official at the Artillery Depot in Mostar. Weber died in 1915.  

Wife: Married Gertrud Engl (born 20 June 1905) on 2 June 1927 in Salzburg – one son and one daughter.


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Generalmajor Kräutler’s World War I Combat Service Record:

Southwest Theater of War, 1915-1918:

Supplemental Sources:

[1] Kräutler succeeded Oberst Alois Windisch, a fellow Austrian, as regimental commander. A holder of the coveted Knight’s Cross of the Military Maria Theresa Order, Windisch received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross for his leadership of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 139 during the Battle of Narvik in 1940.

[2] On 5 June 1944, Reinforced Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 139 was redesignated Gebirgsjäger-Brigade 139. On 24 July 1944, Adolf Hitler granted the brigade the honor name “Generaloberst Dietl” and authorized its members to wear a cuff-title bearing the name. The following officers are known to have commanded the brigade: Oberstleutnant Albert Beierlein, June 1944; Oberst Hans von Schlebrüge, 22 July 1944-22 February 1945; Unknown, 22 February 1945-9 May 1945.

[3] Although the entry dated 10 August 1944 is the first time the division group is mentioned in Kräutler’s Dienstlaufbahn or service record, several sources indicate he assumed leadership of the unit concurrent with entering reserve status with the 20th Mountain Army on 1 March 1944. Of note, this entry is also supported by a telex message dated 11 August 1944 from the Army Personnel Office delegating Oberst Kräutler with the leadership of the division group effective the previous day.