German Cross in Gold on right breast






World War I Prussian Iron Cross 1st Class with 1939 Bar and Wound Badge on left

NAME: General der Infanterie Günther Blumentritt
PW NO:          A938982
RANK:            General der Infanterie
CAPTURED:   Schleswig-Holstein
DATE:             1 June 1945

DATE OF BIRTH:     10 February 1892
DATE OF DEATH:   12 October 1967
NATIONALITY:       German
OCCUPATION:        Regular Soldier
NEXT OF KIN:         American Zone


Commands & Assignments:

Photograph taken at Rommel's headquarters at château in La Roche-Guyon, France, May 1944

Left to right:
Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt, Commander-in-chief West and Army Group D
General der Infanterie Günther Blumentritt (Rundstedt's chief of staff)
Generalleutnant Hans Speidel (Rommel's chief of staff)
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, Commander-in-chief Army Group B

St Germain, 1944
Photo taken and generously permitted
for use on this web page by Hans Bishoff

The following is an account graciously emailed to me in 2005 by Hans Bischoff who was Blumentritt's batman

At Island Farm we had to get out of bed quite early as our first Roll Call was at 6am. We did about half an hours exercise of jogging after that. We then had our breakfast which usually consisted of toast and marmalade washed down with a pot of tea. I had a job in a nearby farm and I worked there for 6 hours a day, three in the morning and three in the afternoon, interwoven with tending to Blumentritt. As you can imagine it was quite tiring running to and from both jobs. Lunch was almost the same as breakfast although sometimes we got a few extras if there were any going. Of course at dinner time we would have usually some meat with a sort of paste like gravy and potatoes. It got very tiring always having the same stuff to eat, but I think it was more annoying for the high ranking officers, who were used to a big variety of products. In the evening I would usually get a few hours to myself. After Christmas 1946 I was allowed out of the camp. I would go to church or to the shops or sometimes I just liked to stroll around town. From around 8pm at night I would often go and watch some of the entertainment in the hall, before returning to see if my General wanted anything before turning in. Lights out was at 10.30pm. I believe that General Heinrici was also in Blumentritt's hut although I am not sure.

Blumentritt often ate in the canteen also, as sometimes did FM Kleist. I was not allowed to accompany him to Nürnberg as I was told by the authorities that it was not me who was giving evidence and that my General would be well cared for, which is more than I can say for some other officers........

Decorations & Awards:

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[1] General der Artillerie Crasemann was later held as a prisoner of war at Island Farm Special Camp 11.

[2] A recipient of the Prussian Pour le Mérite Order, General der Flieger Christiansen of the Luftwaffe served as the Armed Forces Commander of the Netherlands from 28 May 1940-7 April 1945. He concurrently commanded the 25th Army from 10 November 1944-28 January 1945.

[3] Generals Schlemm and Student were both held as a prisoner of war at Island Farm Special Camp 11.

[4] The other members of Generaladmiral von Friedeburg’s delegation were: General der Infanterie Eberhard Kinzel, Chief of the General Staff of (Operations Staff North) Armed Forces High Command-Operations Staff A; Konteradmiral Gerhard Wagner; and Major Hans Jochen Freidel, a staff officer. Oberst i.G. Fritz Poleck joined the delegation on 4 May 1945.