Raapke as a POW at Island Farm
Special Camp 11
Raapke as a POW at Island Farm
Special Camp 11

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NAME:  Generalleutnant Wilhelm Raapke

PW NO:           B816212

RANK:            Generalleutnant
CAPTURED:   15th May 1945

DATE:             Höllstein or Holsten

DATE OF BIRTH:     13 November 1896

PLACE OF BIRTH:   Marienwerder
DATE OF DEATH:    1970


NATIONALITY:       German

RELIGION:                Evangelical

OCCUPATION:        Regular Soldier

HEIGHT:                    172cm

WEIGHT:                   80kg

HAIR COLOUR:       Blonde

EYE COLOUR:         Brown

NEXT OF KIN:         Ursula Raapke, Blankenese, (British Zone)

Promotions (included):

  • Fahnenjunker: 2 September 1914
  • Leutnant (Hinterpommersches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr.53): 12 January 1916 (Patent 30 January 1915)
  • Oberleutnant: 1 April 1925
  • Oberstleutnant: 1 April 1939
  • Oberst: 1 January 1941
  • Generalmajor: 1 June 1943
  • Generalleutnant: 1 April 1944

Commands & Assignments (included):

  • 1 August 1935: Commander of the III. Battalion of Artillery Regiment 12.
  • 1 September 1939: Commander of Artillery Regiment 258 of the 258th Infantry Division. [Commanded by Generalmajor (later Generalleutnant) Walther Wollmann, the 258th Infantry Division arrived in Poland in the last days of the invasion in September 1939. Transferred to the Western Front as a component of Generaloberst Erwin von Witzleben’s 1st Army in the Saarland facing the French Maginot Line in Lorraine, the division, along with the rest of the army, remained on the defensive during the first phase of the invasion of France. On 14 June 1940, the 1st Army finally went over to the offensive and attacked the Maginot Line between St. Avold and Saarbrücken achieving penetrations in several locations.]  
  • 1 June 1941-1 March 1943: Staff Officer for Artillery on the General Staff of Army Group Center.
  • 14 March 1943-1 January 1945: Commander of the 71st Infantry Division. [Reformed in Denmark after being destroyed at Stalingrad, the 71st Infantry Division deployed to Italy in September 1943. Raapke’s division saw action at Nettuno in January 1944 and Cassino in March 1944. During the latter battle, the 71st Infantry Division served under General der Panzertruppe Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin’s XIV Panzer Corps.]
  • 15 January 1945: General for Special Employment in the Army High Command.
  • 15th May 1945-October 1947: Prisoner of war in British captivity.
    • 9th January 1946 transferred to Camp 11 from Camp 1
    • 15th August 1946 transferred to Camp 99 from Island Farm Special Camp 11
    • 18th October 1946 transferred to Island Farm Special Camp 11 from Camp 99
    • 10th October 1947 transferred to Hamburg on board the ship "El Nil"

Decorations & Awards:

  • German Cross in Gold: 28 May 1944, Generalleutnant, Commander of the 71st Infantry Division.
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 1st Class (1914) with 1939 Bar
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 2nd Class (1914) with 1939 Bar
  • Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941/1942 (“East Medal”)
  • Cross of Honor for Combatants 1914-1918
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 1st Class (25-year Service Cross)
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 3rd Class (12-year Service Medal)