Meltzer as a POW at Island Farm
Special Camp 11

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NAMEGeneralleutnant Rudolph Meltzer

PW NO:          A938956
RANK:           Generalleutnant
CAPTURED:  Unknown
DATE:            2nd May 45


D.O.B:                       13 June 1888
PLACE OF BIRTH:   Fuerstenwalde a.d. Spree
NATIONALITY:      German
RELIGION:              Evangelical
OCCUPATION:      Reg Soldier
HEIGHT:                 183cm
HAIR COLOUR:     Blonde
EYE COLOUR:       Grey

NEXT OF KIN:       Irmgard Meltzer, Klinken bei Oldersloe b Luebeck, (British Zone)

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SOME DEEPLY RELIGOUS CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN MELTZER AND Mr Hibbert (believed to have some connection with the church)

Dr Mr Hibbert, May I acknowledge the receipt of your very kind letter
from April 8th with many thanks. We are very glad to hear that you and Mr Jones
intend to visit us on April 15th at 4:00pm and we hope so much that you
will get the permission.

On the other hand we regret especially that Mr Kingston can't be
with you and are hopeful waiting that he will come again soon.

I think all generals who are interested in the matter and able
to understand English will take part in the meeting.

We enjoy your intention to keep contact with us for the
purpose of speaking about the very important subject of Christianity.

We should be very glad if Mr Wells would come with you
so far as he can arrange it and get permission.

Excuse me if I drawn your attention to the order of the Commandant
that everyone visiting this camp is bound to present himself to the
adjutant at first.

May I assure you once more of our great pleasure to see you
again and ask to convey our kindest regards to all brethren we
know especially to Mr Kingston, Jones and Wells.

With kindest regards and in Christian communion, believe me, dear Mr Hibbert.

Very sincerely


R Meltzer April 12th 1947

3rd September 1947

Dear Mr Hibbert,

You asked me to tell you ideas
about spiritual thinks.
If I should do that somewhat com-
pletely then I would have to write
very many letters or even a book.

So I will try to point our some
essential ideas.
We find the foundation stone in
Matth 22v 37-40. This leads us to the
ten commandments.

If mankind had followed those
then it would have been very good
for the world...

That however wasn't
possible on account of the fall of man

But just therefore the ten command-
ments had to be given.

In the old testament we recognise
how mankind failed in the ten com-
mandments in course of the centuries.

showing us the fate of mankind by
means of the up and down and the
run over hill and dale of the elect
people in course of history the whole
old testament is a report of a peo-
ple's unsuccessful struggle against
the evil and the over and over again
repeatedt ? of God to make
mankind doing his will and ? his ways.

He sent his prophets and preachers
He tried it on with love and with
chastisement. But few people compar-
ratively speaking could succeed
as Abraham, Moses...?

for instance as many
and other previous man whereas the
overwhelming majority remained

remember all the attempts of
? and ?...

Even men with the best will and spirit
couldn't realise the deep sense of the
ten commandments and above all of
the first. The law was as to man-
kind's perception, dead without
spirit and love!

So God took pity on people and
has sent his son.

May I finish now for to day
and allow me to continue by
the next letter. In this I might
speak some words about the first
commandment and then come to
some keystones of the new testa-
ments, later on perhaps about
the church.

I beg to thank you once more
for all your kindness and assis-
tance you give us by mind, word or deed.

Believe me, dear Mr Hibbert,

Sincerely yours


R Meltzer

17th September 1947


Dear Mr Hibbert

May I continue my last letter
from 3rd September.

The first commandment is the foun-
dation stone of all other command-
ments. It is the base the fundamen
tal thought of all our religion and
faith and confession.



If fulfilling this leading com-
mandment never we coudl offend
against any other commandment.

But mankind has now many
idols, hobbies, faults and so on as
well self love, ambition, inordinate
desire for ? as lack of modesty
leading to the violation of the
other commandments for instance
of the third or of the tenth or
even the fifith.




Nevertheless there were to be some
in ancient times men who tried consciously


and good to fulfil the command-
ments as I told in my last letter but
never they would become justified firstly
since nobody can generally do jus-
tice completely secondly there was mis-
sing the leading motive the key note the
thought of love which is at the bottom
of each single commandment and
which we find in ???.





The though of love of one's neigh=
bour was dead and the thought
of self love triumphed and by
that the first commandment was
despised look at ???

where is lead to if God is be-
trayed that we learnt in all times
former and now especially we
in Germany when the Christian
faith was persecuted.

Ins spite of all that God sent
his son he sent him not only but
he sacrificed him for mankind
and all people repenting their sins


and believing in Christ trying to
follow him take part in his re-dempt
ion. What that means is nearly
unimaginable it is the content of
the whole new testament.



But now the first commandment
is still more important for Christ
and the father are one and the
son teaches us which spirit ??
to the commandments as we read
in Matthew 22/39 in relation to ???



This love shall show new life to
the ?? to our whole faith, the
love gives the warmth and the
light which grants the life to our
faith as we read in ???


And now we are at the leading
motive of the new testament. Each
chapter of the new testament breathes
the spirit of love.


Let's remember the chief passages
of the new testament which deal
with love. First of all we find the

the main principle of love of one's
neighbour in Matth 5/44 but which
the neighbour in we see Luk 10/37.

This request to fulful asks our
Saviour. Therefore the ?? sings
the high song of love in ?


May I finish now for today
and continue next time.

It's difficult to express such
ideas and thoughts touching the
bottom of the heart in a foreign
language. But I hope you will
excuse me if I dont succeed
in choosing the right words and



Finally we speak the same language the language
of Christianity.


Believeme, dear Mr Hibbert
in Christian communion



Your very sincerely


R Meltzer


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