NAME: Generalleutnant Hans-Georg Hildebrandt

PW NO:           209214

RANK:            Generalleutnant

CAPTURED:   Garda-Lee, Italy

DATE:             2nd May 1945


DATE OF BIRTH:     15 June 1896

PLACE OF BIRTH:   Fraustadt/Schlesien

DATE OF DEATH:    31 January 1967

PLACE OF DEATH:  Frankfurt am Main

NATIONALITY:       German

RELIGION:                Evangelical

OCCUPATION:        Regular Soldier

HEIGHT:                    5'8"

WEIGHT:                   Unknown

HAIR COLOUR:       Grey

EYE COLOUR:         Blue

NEXT OF KIN:         Annemarie Fleck, (French Zone)


Commands & Assignments:

Commanding Generals of the XXXIX Army Corps (Motorized),
later XXXIX Panzer Corps, 1940-1942

Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen von Arnim

(Photo courtesy of Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, Camp Shelby)
Generaloberst Rudolf Schmidt

Decorations & Awards:


[1] As originally planned, Generalfeldmarschall Walter Reichenau’s 6th Army would exercise operational control of Operation “Felix.” General der Infanterie Ludwig Kübler’s XXXXIX Mountain Army Corps would control the attack on the fortress of Gibraltar itself. In conjunction with heavy Luftwaffe support, the massed fire of over 200 heavy artillery pieces and Nebelwerfers, and 150 “Brandenburg” special operations troops, Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 98 and Infantry Regiment “Großdeutschland” would attack from La Linea across the 1,450 meter-long Neutral Ground and assault the southwest corner of the Rock after a reinforced pioneer unit seized and cleared the area in front of it. Concurrently, General der Panzertruppe Schmidt’s XXXIX Army Corps (Motorized) of three divisions (SS-Totenkopf-Division, 16th Panzer Division, and 16th Motorized Infantry Division) would provide flank protection against possible British amphibious landings in Spain or Portugal. However, the refusal of General Francisco Franco to commit Spain to war by allowing German troops access to his country caused Hitler to effectively cancel Operation “Felix” on 11 December 1940. Although the Gibraltar plan was resurrected under the codename “Felix-Heinrich” in March 1941, the plan again died from lack of Spanish support.

[2] Attaining the rank of Generaloberst, Rudolf Schmidt commanded the 2nd Army and then the 2nd Panzer Army on the Eastern Front until retiring on 30 September 1943. Likewise achieving the rank of Generaloberst, Hans-Jürgen von Arnim transferred to North Africa in December 1942 where he took command of the 5th Panzer Army. On 9 March 1943, he succeeded Generafeldmarschall Erwin Rommel as Commander-in-Chief of Army Group Afrika and was thus fated to surrender the Axis forces in Tunisia two months later. He was held as a prisoner of war from 12 May 1943-1 July 1947.      

[3] The remnants of the 10th Panzer Division continued to fight the Allied advance until surrendering north of Bizerte on 12 May 1943. Generalleutnant Freiherr von Broich was later held as a prisoner of war at Island Farm Special Camp 11.

[4] General der Artillerie Jahn was held as a prisoner of war at Island Farm Special Camp 11 after the war.