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NAME: Generalleutnant Horst Freiherr von Uckermann

PW NO:           560243
RANK:            Generalleutnant
CAPTURED:   Apolda, Germany

DATE:             11th April 1945


DATE OF BIRTH:      10 July 1891

PLACE OF BIRTH:    Darmstadt



NATIONALITY:       German

RELIGION:               Roman Catholic

OCCUPATION:       Regular Soldier

HEIGHT:                   6'1"

WEIGHT:                 154lbs

HAIR COLOUR:      Grey
        Blue Grey

NEXT OF KIN:        US Zone


Promotions (included):

  • Fahnenjunker: 16 July 1911
  • Leutnant (Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.3): 19 November 1912 (Patent 18 November 1910)
  • Hauptmann: 1 November 1922
  • Oberstleutnant: 1 November 1935
  • Oberst: 1 April 1938
  • Generalmajor: 1 February 1942
  • Generalleutnant: 1 September 1943

Commands & Assignments (included):

  • 1 October 1937: Adjutant of the III Army Corps.
  • 26 August 1939-25 June 1941: Operations Officer (Ia) of the Deputy III Army Corps (Wehrkreis III), Berlin.
  • 14 July 1941-27 December 1941: Commander of Infantry Regiment 178 of the 76th Infantry Division on the Eastern Front. [Commanded by Generalleutnant Maximilian de Angelis, the 76th Infantry Division took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union from 22 June 1941 as a component of Army Group South.]
  • 1 January 1942-20 March 1942: Commander of the 218th Infantry Division. [In January 1942, the 218th Infantry Division deployed from Denmark to the Eastern Front where it was assigned to the 16th Army of Army Group North. The division served in the vicinity of Cholm where it fought to relieve the 5,000-man German garrison commanded by Generalmajor Theodor Scherer that had been surrounded in the town.]
  • 1 May 1942-10 July 1944: Commander of Division Nr. 160; reformed and redesignated as the 160th Reserve Division on 7 November 1943. [Based in Copenhagen, Denmark this training and replacement division provided basic training for new recruits.]
  • 23 October 1944-1 November 1944: Commander of the 462nd Volksgrenadier Division.
  • 1 November 1944-April 1945: Division Staff for Special Employment 469 (also known as Division Nr. 469).
  • 11 April 1945-25th November 1947: Prisoner of war in British captivity.
    • 26th February 1946 transferred to Island Farm Special Camp 11 from Camp 99 Military Hospital
    • 20th February 1947 transferred to Camp 99 from Island Farm Special Camp 11
    • 25th November 1947 repatriated.

Decorations & Awards (included):

  • Prussian Royal Hohenzollern House Order, Knight’s Cross with Swords
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 1st Class (1914)
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 2nd Class (1914)
  • Cross of Honor for Combatants 1914-1918
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 1st Class (25-year Service Cross)
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 3rd Class (12-year Service Medal)

NOTE: Freiherr von Uckermann’s World War II decorations, if any, are not known. However, he was not a recipient of any high decorations such as the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords, or the German Cross in Gold/Silver. It is probable he received the 1939 Bars to his World War I Prussian Iron Crosses.