Commander-In-Chief Hasso Von Manteuffel...Continued

Hasso von Manteuffel meeting Hitler in 1944 on the occasion of receiving a decoration.
Von Manteuffel was a very tiny man as can be clearly seen in this photo!
Note the "Großdeutschland" cuff title on his right sleeve-von Manteuffel commanded this elite Army panzer division on the Eastern Front from 1 February 1944-1 September 1944

Oberst Willi Langkeit (second from the left wearing the special black panzer uniform),
commander of the Panzer Regiment “Großdeutschland,” and Generalleutnant von Manteuffel (hands in pockets), the divisional commander, confer during the defensive fighting in the vicinity of Iasi, Romania in May-June 1944.

Decorations & Awards:


Information regarding the 1959 trial of General der Panzertruppe a.D. von Manteuffel derived from the following websites:

[7] Keitel named Generaloberst Kurt Student as Heinrici’s replacement. However, Student did not arrive from Holland to assume physical command of Army Group Weichsel until 1 May 1945. In the meantime, General der Infanterie Kurt von Tippelskirch, the leader of the 21st Army, had been persuaded by Keitel and Generaloberst Alfred Jodl to assume acting command of the army group on 29 April 1945 pending Student’s arrival. Generals Heinrici, Student and von Tippelskirch were all held for varying amounts of time as prisoners of war at Island Farm Special Camp 11.