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NAME: General der Kavallerie z.V./SS-Gruppenführer Walter Braemer

PW NUMBER:            A451665

RANK:                        General der Kavallerie z.V./SS-Gruppenführer

CAPTURED:               Lübeck

DATE:                         3 May 1945


DATE OF BIRTH:      7 January 1883

PLACE OF BIRTH:    Königsberg/Prussia

DATE OF DEATH:    13 June 1955


NATIONALITY:        German

RELIGION:                Evangelical

OCCUPATION:        Regular Soldier

HEIGHT:                    5’ 11”

WEIGHT:                   168 lbs.

HAIR COLOUR:        Grey

EYE COLOUR:          Grey

NSDAP-NUMBER:    4,012,329 (Joined 1937)
SS-NUMBER:      223,910 (Joined 1 October 1935)

NEXT OF KIN:    Erika Braemer (British Zone)

Wife: Married on 27 December 1915 to Erika Freiin von der Goltz (born 8 April 1893 in Stargard/Pommern) – one son (born 20 October 1921) and two daughters (born 4 October 1916 and 26 June 1923).


Commands & Assignments:

Decorations & Awards:

  • German Cross in Silver: [No details available]
  • Prussian Royal Hohenzollern House Order, Knight’s Cross with Swords: 17 January 1917.
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 1st Class (1914) with 1939 Clasp
  • Prussian Iron Cross, 2nd Class (1914) with 1939 Clasp
  • War Merit Cross, 1st Class with Swords
  • War Merit Cross, 2nd Class with Swords
  • Prussian Princely Hohenzollern Honor Cross, 3rd Class with Swords
  • Bavarian Military Merit Order, 4th Class with Swords
  • Württemberg Friedrich Order, Knight 2nd Class with Swords
  • Baden Order of the Zähringer Lion, Knight 1st Class with Oakleaf and Swords
  • Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross, 1st Class
  • Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross, 2nd Class
  • Cross of Honor for Combatants 1914-1918
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 1st Class (25-year Service Cross)
  • Armed Forces Long Service Award, 3rd Class (12-year Service Medal)
  • Austrian Order of the Iron Crown, 3rd Class with War Decoration
  • Austrian Military Merit Cross, 3rd Class with War Decoration
  • Totenkopf [Death’s Head] Ring of the SS
  • Honor Sword of the Reichsführer-SS

Braemer was highly decorated during World War I. Note he held both the Royal Hohenzollern House Order and the Princely Hohenzollern Honor Cross. Despite the close similarity in names, these were two separate yet affiliated orders. The first one was the personal house order of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany, while the second one was the personal house order of the Kaiser’s Catholic cousins in Sigmaringen. Both decorations were virtually identical in appearance except for different centrepieces and mottos, VOM FELS ZUM MEER (“From the Mountains to the Sea”) and FÜR TREUE UND VERDIENST (“For Fidelity and Merit”) respectively.