Personal Experiences of Gerd von Rundstedt
by Rundstedt's neighbour:

The following are the personal experiences of a neighbour of Gerd von Rundstedt which have been graciously provided for inclusion on this web site by Mrs Barbara Schmorak and her mother Mrs Hilda Jenson (March 2005):

Col. Lucius GŁnther Schrivenbach (served under both Gen. Blumentritt and GFM von Rundstedt in 1943-44):

The following photo and accounts are the personal experiences of GŁnther Schrivenbach which have been graciously provided for inclusion on this web site April 2005:

Front row (Left to right):

  • GFM von Rundstedt
  • General der Infanterie GŁnther Blumentritt
  • Bodo Zimmerman

Back row (Left to right):

  • Lt Hans Gerd von Rundstedt
  • Unknown (Obscured by GFM von Rundstedt )
  • Unknown (Obscured by General der Infanterie GŁnther Blumentritt)
  • GŁnther Schrivenbach (indicated)

Name: Lucius GŁnther Schrivenbach
Place of capture : Bad Reichenhall, Germany
Date of Capture : 5th May 1945

Date of birth :
 12th September 1911
Place of birth :
Leipzig, East Germany
Nationality :
Religion :
    Staff Soldier, Berlin (prior to the war)
Height :
           5' 7
Weight :
         Unknown during WWII
Hair colour :
   Light Brown
Eye colour :
Next of kin:
    Eva Schrivenbach (wife during WWII)

Commands & Assignments:

Sketches by GŁnther Schrivenbach - February 1944 in Paris.
I originally sketched two of these, and gave one to the Field Marshal - I have no idea where it is now!
General FeldMarschall Erwin Rommel